Wednesday, September 22, 2010

13 Step to Earn money with blog

The following are 13 Ways pan Money With Indonesian Language Blog that perhaps you could consider.
13 How to avoid a first Money With Blog In Indonesian Language.

1. Featured Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Domestic

Currently there are at least five domestic PPC business in Indonesia, namely,,, KumpulBlogger, PPCIndo, IndoFad and AdOnBanner. By becoming publisher domestic PPC programs, you can display the Indonesian-language ads and earn a commission (of course in rupiah) if the ad is clicked by a visitor to your blog. You can use the links below if you want to register domestic PPC programs such (do not worry, no my affiliate link in the link).

2. Foreign PPC Advertising Displays (only based CPM)

The second option is to present foreign-based PPC advertising impressions. With impression-based display PPC ads on your blog (yes, blogs can also speak Indonesian), you will earn commission based on the number of ad impressions seen by your visitors (not by clicks of visitors). More and more visitors to your blog, of course, the greater the ad impression you get. Foreign PPC program or impression-based CPM you can get this information through links

3. Banner Displays Foreign Affiliate Program

There are so many affiliate programs that you can follow. For more details. Although not a best way, displaying 125x125 sized banner affiliate links on your blog Sponsors section could be an option monetization blog in Indonesian language. If your blog visitors make a purchase through your affiliate banner link, you will receive a commission.

4. Domestic Affiliate Program Banner Displays

In addition to the foreign affiliate program, now also have many domestic affiliate programs that you can use your blog as a means of monetization. In the same way - displaying banners domestic affiliate link - you have the opportunity to wash the money through your blog. A number of local managers have a web hosting affiliate programs that you can follow, and promote it on your blog.

5. Write a Product Review Affiliate (with your affiliate text link)

One way to run an affiliate program (either foreign or domestic) via the blog of the most effective way is to write a review about the affiliate products that you want to promote on your blog. It would be better if you've used and feel the benefits of the product you are promoting. affiliate program and Commission Junction have so many products that you can review. Choose a niche product that fits your needs and blog readers, write REVIEWnya and if your blog readers to purchase products you recommend, you will get some commission.

6. Following Paid Program Review

Paid review program is another way of monetization blog in Indonesian language. As the name suggests, as a publisher of this program you are asked to write reviews of products or services (in English) and will get a commission on review that you wrote in your blog. Yes, the Indonesian-language blog (for some programs such as paid review, ReviewMe, Blogsvertise, could register as a publisher paid review programs. Even if your blog has a link rank, the Alexa, Technorati and PR (Page Rank) is high enough, it's not likely you will get big enough to commission a review article. Currently you can also register paid program review of Indonesia's first locally,

7. Displaying Google Adsense for Search

Obstacles in Indonesian language blog to display the Google Adsense program is the prohibition Terms and Services Adsense Ads to display unit, and Link Ads Referral Ads in addition to English-language blogs. However, you can still display unit Adsense for Search on your blog. Use Google Custom Search Engine service (like the ones on this blog) to get search results based on keyword and address of the site you want.
Click here to sign up for Google Adsense.

8. Sell Text Link Ads

Monetization options other Indonesian-language blog is by selling links on your blog. By selling a link, which you can do is provide a spot text link sites that want to advertise and also get a link back from your blog. The higher the ranking links, Alexa, Technorati and PR of your blog, the more expensive the link that you can offer. Currently a lot of text link ads program which you can follow. Several of them is a,, and

9. Sell Ad Spot Mandiri

Selling ad spots directly to those interested in advertisements on your blog monetization blog are other options in the Indonesian language is currently more popular. Although in this way requires specific strategies (eg, how do I get advertisers), but if your blog is very interesting niche with a lot of visitors, ad revenue was not exactly a small independent. I personally get pretty good results from selling ad spots on my blog independently.

10. Sell Your Expertise Services

If you have a particular expertise (eg web design, web programming, logo design, copy writing, or even other skills such as cooking, writing, translating), there is no harm in promoting your expertise through your blog. Aside from being a personal space for ideas and writings, your blog can also serve as public relations tools that were effective enough to introduce your expertise. So please look for expertise which is roughly what you can sell through your blog.

11. Selling Your Own Digital Products Work

Currently writing and making e-book is no longer something that is difficult. If you have a certain expertise you can sell, write it into an e-book and promote it via your blogs is a brilliant choice. In addition to getting an e-book sales profits, through the same blog that you can develop a system that affiliates can promote your blog visitors return e-book provides you with certain benefits.

12. Physical Products to Sell Your Own Work

In addition to digital products such as e-books, physical goods (eg CDs, books, t-shirts, souvenir, gift / birthday gift, birthday cake even) also can you promote by using your blog. If you currently have a business online, there's no harm in trying to reach a wider market with an online campaign through your blog.

13. Becoming a Broker / Brokerage Service of Others

Being an intermediary or broker services others can also be an option monetization of your blog. Just for example, if you happen to live in the area of tourism (Bali or Yogyakarta, for example), you can offer cooperation with travel agencies or small hotels Budget class to promote their services through your blog in exchange for certain commissions. It will be better if you fit the niche blogs that you want to promote services. If your blog visitors to booking your hotel or travel agency services, you get a certain amount of commission.
Well, actually, there are many ways to make money with blogs not speak Indonesian?
So there's no reason to be discouraged and reasonable that you can not wash the money through your blog just because of your blog in Indonesian language.


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