Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 Information about the consumer

Information will be convey a moment longer is very important information for you. Mainly for those of you who seriously pursue the Internet business.

This information about the consumer. Consumer is the blood of your internet business. Without customers, your existence has no meaning at all. Your business could be a knockout. For that you need to know your customers well.

What should you know from consumers related to Internet business you are awake?

   1. Name. Remember well who their names. Who's nickname. Where his house. Use this initial information to build deeper relationships with your customers.
      If new customers one-two would still be easy to remember, but if the number has tens or hundreds of thousands would be difficult. Then what?
      The solution you are obliged to maintain the accuracy of your customer database. So when there is information you need, you can get it quickly. It often also greet your customers.

   2. What have they bought. If you knew what was your consumen previous purchases, you will easily suppose what is suitable to be offered later. Because at least you already know what their interests are. Consumer behavior is usually studied in behavorial marketing.

   3. How often they buy. For products / services that are able to buy again and again, you look at where consumers who often buy from you. For those who often buy from you, give maximum service. For those who rarely buy from you, do the marketing approach is more intense.

   4. When was the last time to buy. By knowing when customers buy from you last time, you know where the consumers are loyal to you and which ones "go" to leave you. Your task then is to maintain good your loyal customer following and trying to bring back those who left.

   5. How much is spent. Large transactions should also receive attention. The bigger the transaction, you must be more excited about.

   6. Remember the last interaction you are doing. Like last time offensive chat to communicate. This will make it feel important and noticed.

   7. Consumer input. Feedback, criticism, or feedback from customers is a panacea for increasing your internet business. Fulfill the needs of your customers, your business must be getting skyrocketed. Prove

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