Friday, August 6, 2010

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In recent years the development of the Internet business world led to many variants of the new business model, one of which is Paid Review. Indeed I am not a master in his field, but I'll try to explain What It Paid Review simply on a post of prime Tips Paid Review. Hopefully your friends can help bloggers who need this information. Out there, which explains a lot about paid reviews, this is just personal views only and not the absolute definition. For the seniors, just skip this post.

Paid to Review Paid To Write, Paid Review or other similar terms, are simply the media linking the advertiser and publisher. Advertisers are those who have an interest in advertised products, the publisher of the blogger or site managers who have space to advertise advertiser products and of course, also want to get extra income. How it works Simply put, bloggers post the review as requested advertiser, there is usually a minimum number of words, links and anchor textnya requested, if any pictures or video.

When registering your blog, also will be assessed page rank (PR) and SEO, SEO on Pagerank and I will discuss this diblog well. So yes rough language ... get paid to write (translated version of elementary school children) Paid reviews now, at least three years later, became an alternative advertising for the advertiser. Indeed, the advertiser that paid advertising on the average review is still in small scale. But at least glimpsed the future will be a lot considering that the system simpler and more precise targets when compared to Pay Per Click model (PPC) such as Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser and other PPC.

Paid the most benefited with this review, I think, are the bloggers. With this review paid the bloggers can earn money from reviewing site / product with a simple way of working when compared to program the opportunity to make money from the internet the other. Advertisers on the other side of course also benefit because they can advertise with a budget that is relatively more affordable than advertising with other online media.

Ideally, indeed, the publisher makes a review of the product from the advertiser, providing a view of the products offered are balanced. But in fact, requested by the advertiser is paid a positive review or suggestive support the advertised product. Yes it is natural, the name people want to advertise cooking show the bad side? But there also provide more flexibility for publishers to make a review based on personal views, such as some advertiser in payperpsot ..

And you can be come an affiliate program in this site here for register 

So, so what was paid reviews in my view. If anyone have other ideas please comment

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