Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Affiliate program in Marketiva

Earn 1 point for each position* a referred customer closes!
You can refer customers to Marketiva through your web site or by sending them coupons in e-mail. For each position a customer you refer closes on a live trading desk, you will receive commission in value of 1 point (e.g. one standard 100k position in EUR/USD will earn you $10). Considering that we have customers who sometimes close about 15-20 positions per day, you can earn hundreds or even thousands each month by simply referring customers to Marketiva!
[*] Profit or loss on a closed position has to be greater than 4 points in order that position to be taken into account when calculating affiliate commissions. Referred customers with accounts older than one year are also not taken into account.
Get a private chat channel for customers you refer!
If you refer 100 or more customers and these customers deposit funds and actively trade on our live trading desks, we will establish a separate chat channel that you will be able to use to communicate with them and exchange trading ideas. Because we fully support Unicode, that chat channel can be in any language of your choice.
How it Works?
You can apply for Marketiva Affiliate program by filling out the application form below. When we receive your application, our affiliate program specialist will review it and verify information submitted. If your application meets our requirements, described in the Affiliate Agreement below, you will receive an e-mail with detailed information on our affiliate program, including your affiliate group identifier, links and banners you can place on your web site, and a number of coupons you can deliver to potential customers by e-mail.
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