Wednesday, September 2, 2009

affiliate program in Soaring4traffic

This site give the money with click surf any sites in soaring4traffic,, and there many other option to make money.
there is now an additional $5
in each of your accounts.Our third week referral contest came to an end

last night. The top 5 referrers were:
1st - User 6985: $20 was won

2nd - User 57: $20 was won

3rd - User 7784: $20 was won

4th - User 12354: $20 was won

5th - User 13021: $20 was won
Though Soaring4Traffic''s main purpose is to provide
a quality place to advertise, we take great pleasure
in also providing an opportunity for members to earn
some extra cash. Especially in these not so good
economic times.
Did I ever tell you, that I love paying out commissions?
Well its true, nothing gives me more satisfaction.
Our 4th week referral contest is already under way.

Already paid out $300 in the first 3 weeks to the

top sponsors and an additional $210 for the .50 per

referral. click for AOL Users
Check out your "Promote Tools" page for any new
material you feel will assist you in attracting
new members. Click for register you will get some money !!!
This is our 4th and final week for this promotion, but
of course there will be more to come later. :)
Same rules apply this week, $20 to top 5 sponsors and
.50 for each new active referral for everyone.
No paid to signups are allowed, strict rules about this.
See your "Contest" link for complete stats and details.
Since I''m getting this out to you so late today, we
have loaded the prize pages with thousands of extra
prizes. Crack the eggs, there are NO empty eggs. :)
Good luck in this weeks contest! Thanks to all for
your participation.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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